Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bout of Books- My Goals

Bout of Books

This is my first Bout of Books, I'm still learning what i'm supposed to be doing, and researching and planning and whatnot.  One thing I do have to do, is list my goals..with that in mind, heres what I'm thinking.  It's going to be tough this week for me, I'm on a goodreads challenge that is about how many books we read in a week, and my team on there is awesome.  We have been in first place for a while, slipped last week, so we came back hard this week, unfortunately, I'm a little bit burned out.  But I'm going to do my best this week, both for the BoB read-a-thon, and the goodreads challenge.

Time Devoted to Reading

I will be reading every day.

My Goals

  • To complete at least 10-20 books or
  • One book a day, two max.
  • expand my horizons a little bit, genre-wise
  • page count.  page counts. page counts.  no 500+ page books.

Books to Read

  • I don't really think I know yet, what books I'd like to read, there's a few on my TBR list, but depending on what my goodreads challenge is, I may have to read some books in that genre.  I hate planning books, it never works out for me, im very fickle when it comes to what I want to read, and when I want to read it, so I'm afraid im just going to have to wing this one.


  1. I'll be here, rooting you on. You know me, I hate planning out too. I have a few that I need to read for NetGalley and there will have to be one book I HAVE to get done for a Swap-Bot swap that's not going to fit on our word, AGAIN. Who knew how hard it would be to get a word with a "T" or "S" in it! You'll kick this RaT's ass!! :)