Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review Policy

11/13/14-  Currently I am putting my reviewing on hold (sort of), I am reading what I already have promised to read, but for right now, I am asking to please hold off on requesting me to read new books, IF you want me to read it ASAP.  If you are okay with waiting, you can go ahead and send me a request..I am only doing this just because the holidays and my schedule is very hectic, I'm not finding as much time as I would like lately, if my load lightens up, I am more than happy to resume on a faster schedule and pace, and definitely plan to do so after the first of the year.  Please keep me in mind for then.  Thank you for your patience and understanding, if you have any questions or want to talk to me about anything feel free to email me.


I am just getting started with this book review blog, I'm practically a baby.  I'm new at NetGalley also, I have reviewed books for years on GoodReads, I've been approached by authors requesting me to review books on GoodReads, while I have not yet on this blog, I am hoping that soon my blog will take off, and I will have requests.  Here is my review policy in the event this happens.
  • Currently, I AM NOT (due to the holidays, please see note above) accepting request for book reviews.
  • Please note that I work full time, and I am a single mom, time is valuable, while I would love to stop reading everything to read a book ASAP, I may not be able to get to it at the very second, please give me time to read and review, and I promise I will read and review as quick as possible.
  • I am up for author promotions, giveaways, interviews, anything.  I have mad love for new authors, and have no problem hosting anything, please let me know if I can be of help to promote your book.  Just keep in mind I'm new, and im learning as I go.
  • I read epub versions of ebooks, if at all possible to send, I do have a kindle app on my phone, but rarely use it except in emergencies, it takes up a lot of battery, so I prefer epub, but if mobi is my only option, or downloading from amazon, I can probably manage it.
I will read anything, I have my favorite genres, but I am open minded about anything I may read.  I do find myself gravitating towards dystopian/apolocyptical novels before anything else, so if you have one that is absolutely awesome, chances are I will read it first.  :) but I am open, I read everything

My rating system isn't very sophisticated yet, mostly I review via stars. 
1 star= No.  I wasn't a fan at all
2 stars= I didn't hate it to death, but I wouldn't recommend it
3 stars= I read it, I enjoyed it, but didn't love it, but someone else may
4= loved it, it was awesome
5=brilliant book, in every way, I loved it!
 Contact me via  Email or Goodreads
Also, I encourage feedback to my blog, ideas on improvement, and gladly take constructive criticism.

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