Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yours for Eternity by Damien Echols and Lorri Davis

3/5 stars
***I was given this book by the publisher for my honest review.***

I've seen and read just about everything regarding the West Memphis 3. I even follow Damien on twitter and stuff, his last book I bought and read, and he retweeted some of my posts about it. I've always been intrigued with the case for as long as I can remember hearing about it. This book however, was so awfully disappointing. Basically it was just a bunch of letters between the two of them. It was hard to read, only because some times the sequence was out of order, or they were talking about something they talked about on the phone, and I had no idea the background or what they were talking about. I'd get confused. Names were being dropped, things were being referenced and I was clueless. I felt lost the whole time. Occasionally they would have a post note, or a reference of explanation about something they wrote in a letter but for the most part i just read a bunch of letters that I had no idea. sometimes there would be the original letter photocopied, and Lorri's handwriting was just really hard to read.
 I think I would have SOOOOOOOO much rather they just sat down and wrote their story, from start to now, including pictures of letters, or an occasional letter. Breaking it up to two parts, or three parts, the beginning, middle and the end. Telling in their own words what was going on in their minds at the time, especially now that he's out. I know what he was thinking while he was IN- I read two of his books, but what is going on with him now that he's OUT. The vague out of sync letters bored me silly and didn't really do much for me, I hate rating this low, because I'm a WM3 believer, but I just can't with this book.

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