Thursday, October 16, 2014

Review: Alien Brood by Helen Atreya

**I received this novella from the author for my honest review**
4/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Mia is flat broke and running out of options when she stumbles across a strange but tempting job ad. $35 an hour, no experience necessary? It seems too good to be true!

Things start to get weird immediately: Hawthorn manor is a crumbling mansion in the middle of a creepy swamp and it appears there are only two other people living there. Margrete, the beautiful and enigmatic head maid, and Madison, the gorgeous chef who makes meals that could win Michelin stars.

Why do they stay here in the middle of nowhere, where there isn't even good cell reception?

Mia's first night is full of even stranger occurrences. She wakes to find Madison and Margrete together in bed, and then Mia finds herself at the mercy of a lustful swarm of tentacles! She manages to convince herself it was only a dream but when Madison is suddenly very pregnant the next day, Mia has more questions than answers and starts to wonder if she might be next. And... if that might be a good thing
My thoughts on this book:
This is a erotica novella that was given to me by the author to review.  The subject matter of the book definitely isn't something that I ever thought I'd voluntarily read, but I did say I had an open mind in my review policy :) And to be honest I was curious to how something like this would be written/read.
The writing itself was really good, the author had talent, not too much verbose word play, not too much chatter, it was well written, well edited and flowed pretty smoothly.  The erotica was pretty good, some of it was a little much, some of it was really good. 
I liked that the author thought up this stuff, it shows imagination, not too many would really sit down and think up a scenario like this, and make it actually work, and work well deserves kudos in my book. 

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