Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review: Tributaries by Illise Montoya

**I received this book from the author to read and review**
4/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Nyx is a feline shape shifter, lost and alone, host to a fierce and ferocious being that lies deep inside her. She harbors a deadly secret and is running for her life when she is saved by Elmiryn, a cursed warrior on a quest for revenge. The pair quickly become unlikely allies and embark upon a perilous physical and mental journey that will put both their skills and sanity to the test. Ultimately, they form a unique and powerful bond through their shared trials and tribulations. Together they continue onward and follow a path that leads to new and remarkable discoveries of both the worlds around, and within them

My thoughts on this book:
I received this book from the author to read and review.  This book reads to me fantasy more than anything else, but the author does say it's a lesbian romance also. 
We've got Nyx and Elle, shapeshifter and warrior on a journey and quest of Elles to right a wrong done to her by a evil spirit type thing.  There's some battles both mental and physical, and some coming of age moments.
The book was a nice read, very articulate, very well written, the author has lots of talent.  The characters were easy to get to know, the world building was pretty good.  There were some parts that confused me, mostly dealing with Nyx, and not being able to figure out who was actually the one walking and talking, when I thought it was Nyx, it ended up being the shapeshifter, or vice versa, during some parts. I didn't feel the romance too much, the quest/journey seemed to be the strong point in the whole book, there were some moments when the characters cared for each other, but I didn't see the romance leading up to that, a kiss seemed out of the blue to me, and kinda took me by surprise, the end quest seemed to be the focal point, more than relationship building, I didn't feel like they were in love or anything, more friendship was felt for me, going through stuff like they did, similar to Frodo and Samwise in LOTR, where they obviously care for each other, but aren't IN love.
I recommend this read if you are a fantasy fan, with a bit of lesbian romance mixed in.

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