Monday, January 5, 2015

Bout of Books- Day 1

Bout of Books

It's HERE! day 1, I think I started off pretty strong.  I'm excited to be participating again, it was such fun last time.


I can't set a goal, it's impossible.  If anything it will deter me even more at reading those books, I'll read anything and everything BUT those books.  Last BoB I completed 14 books, I think this time I will try and read 14 books, plus 3 audiobooks.  Raise my goal up some.
  • Daily, except for updates & challenges
  • Complete at least 15 books
  • Complete at least 3 audiobooks
  • Complete all challenges or at least most of them

Here is my Monday Updates:
Audio listening Time:179.14
Nook/Book reading pages today: 376
Number of books I've completed today: 2
Books I've read today: 1 plus 1 audiobook
Challenges done today: Book Scavenger Hunt

Books I'm currently reading/listening to:

Complete Atopia Chronicles (Atopia Chronicles 1-6) The Collectors' Society (The Collectors' Society, #1)

Todays Completed books:
23555803 Game (HP Pettersson, #1)

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  1. Sorry you didn't like Game better. I loved Game. I thought the action was great. Buzz SUCKED tho. No action. Glad you liked Fire & Flood. You'll have to let me know what you think about your reads of today. Both are on my TBR.