Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

I added this on my TBR pile after seeing tons and tons of 5 star reviews everywhere.  Finally decided to read it.  I thought the writing was beautiful, for a self published author I have definitely read worse.  I enjoyed reading it, and found that it was one of the better books I have read in a while.

What I didn't understand though, was why Nastya felt the need to 1) dress like a slut  and 2) change her name 3) decide to talk to Josh and 4) why she left Josh and break up with him.  

1) why did she feel the need to dress like a slut?  I know in the book she said if they are going to look at her, at least they will look at her ass.  okay.  but it would make so much more sense for her to dress like everyone else and fade into the background if she didn't want to be noticed.  Seems to me that her dressing like a street walker would make people look at her even more.

2) the name change just confused me, how did she get away with it?  why was everyone, including a school, perfectly okay with enabling her lack of mental facilities and PTSD about her attack, by going along with the name change?

3) it never really explained why she decided to open up to Josh.  In the book we saw a lot of reasons why she liked Drew.  how amusing he was, and how she saw right through him.  We never clearly really saw a clearcut reason why, until the end.  in the meantime I was just like..okay, other than his good looks and obvious tortured guy thing going on, I don't see it.

4) I know she was traumatized, and hated herself, and scared of love, but aside from "why is she crying!?" and "she was gone" it didn't really explain her mind frame before she started crying, and taking off.  So I was left with a big..what the heck just happened??

and finally, even though the book was about second chances.. when she meets the "whodunit" of her story, he gets excuses.  For something that vicious, and violent, and life altering, you don't get to give a person excuses, you get to sit in court every day and look him in the eye and show courage face to face.   Not a letter, in the form of, oh, he had reasons, lets give him a second chance anyways.  She didn't even get to confront him with all her inner thoughts, while he got to say his piece.  ugh.  screw that.

All that being said..  there are a lot of points I really liked.  I liked the subtle answers, the ones that we don't know we are reading until the end, when all is explained.  Her reason for choosing to hang out with Josh, the name change, the lack of speaking.  The author gave us answers in a way where it wasn't forced.  the flow of the book was beautiful.  while I disagreed with the points and things above, I can't deny that in the end I was able to look back and realize how smooth the ride to the end was.

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