Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bout of Books- Day 2 Challenges

Bout of Books

Bout of Books- Day 2

I'm not doing one of the challenges today, the first one talks about one true pairings and whatever.  I can't think of any.  I'm sure theres been a time or two that I was mad at the author for pairing this person when that person when it was so glaringly obvious it should have been this person the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! but I can't think of anything right now.  Shrug.  Usually if there's a book like that, I end up not liking the entire thing.  

The second one has to do with poetry from books,hosted by My Little Pocketbooks I did awful, I got more of a story than a poem, but I stink at poetry anyways.  but here's my story:

Sarah's Knight and
Wizard's Daughter 
Perfect Chemistry
In the Master's Bed
Him Heartbreaker
Her Knock Out
First You Run,
then Vanished,

The End.


  1. Kimberly this is a great poem. Love it! And I wanted to let you know today I am announcing the winner of this mini-challenge. (Psst!) It's you!!! Congrats! Email me your book selections and your address at littlepocketbooks at gmail dot com. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! *throwing confetti* Hope you are having a great Bout of Books.