Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bout of Books- Day 4

Bout of Books

Day 4
Today I am foregoing the challenge, I don't have the mental capacity to play if you like this, then try that, wanna know why? CAUSE I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! I WON! I won day 2 challenge, the spine poetry, YAY! so my prize is to go to the book depository and pick out 20 bucks worth of books.  And lemme tell ya, that in itself is a HUGE challenge for me.  Im notorious for having a 3000 book list of books I want, but when I have money and im standing in a book store full of lovely books, I CAN'T FIND A BLASTED THING!

So I won.  I'll say it one more time, I WON! I never, ever, ever win ANYTHING! except now I can't say that, because....*drum roll*...wait for it......I wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! LOL. 

I will update this post later with my daily updates, and update on what I picked for my prize!:)

See ya soon!


Thursday Update!
Today is awful for me.  busiest day of the week at work so I didn't get to listen much, and I feel miserable.  So chances are this update will be it, it's 830 and im beat.  feel like im getting sick, allergies or something.  I'll try reading when i get to bed but I have a feeling it will be lights out.

Audio listening Time today:35.16
Total Audio listening time: 402.34
Nook/Book reading pages today: 560
Total Book reading pages: 2117
Number of books I've completed today: 2
Total books completed: 5
Books I've read today: 3 plus 1 audiobook
Challenges done today: none :(
Book's I'm currently reading/listening to:

Books I finished today: