Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: The River Is Dark by Joe Hart

***I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review***
3/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Ex-homicide detective Liam Dempsey is waiting to die.

His career, the only thing he ever knew how to do well, is over. The single solace each day brings is the ever-growing contemplation of suicide.

But when his estranged brother and sister-in-law are brutally murdered in their bucolic town set on the banks of the Mississippi River, he is drawn into an investigation surrounding a string of killings unlike anything he has ever seen before. The murderer is ruthless, cunning, and without conscience.

Soon Liam learns that the river is dark.

And so are its secrets.

My thoughts on this book:
This is a typical book about a ex-cop with a haunted past, who learns of his estranged brothers murder.  He goes to wrap up his brothers affairs and ends up entangled in a small town full of secrets and death.
The characters were kinda standard.  Ex cop, haunted past who misses his job, but drinks his sorrows away.  Love interest is Dani, who is boring, and I can't figure out why she wanted to help find out who done it, and why Liam wanted her help, she had nothing to contribute other than the drawing.  You have the old small town sheriff who is just a little bit out of his league and ready to retire anyways.  Greedy mayor wanting large corporate company to come and tear up small town to bring in the money.  The killer "A monster!" and a drunk bum who is the key to the town gossip and secrets to help Liam along in his investigation.  None of the characters stood out to me, in fact I had to go back and look up names, because I couldn't remember.  I didn't feel any attachment to them.
The plot was okay, lots of secrets and stuff.  Some boring moments, some typical moments, some creepy moments.  There were some unanswered what does Liam do with the money, corporation, what happens with the mayor, things like that.  Small details that were left out of the wrapping up of the story, unless I completely missed the answers to the details.
Overall, it was a pretty decent quick read, but I don't think I would pick up a second book if there was one, only because I'm not emotionally invested in the book or characters.

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