Wednesday, September 17, 2014

True Calling by Siobhan Davis Winners!

As some of you know, I hosted a Interview/Giveaway with Siobhan Davis, a newly favorite author of mine.  We held a rafflecopter giveaway, and had quite a few people sign up for the
  chance to have 1 of 2 free Ebooks of True Calling.  See post HERE, if you missed the awesome interview!  Also, if you missed my 5 star review, my review is  HERE.
Don't forget to go to, the first 3 chapters of True Calling are available for your reading pleasure.
True Calling is available to purchase from Amazon and all major on-line retailers.
contact author at
Twitter: @siobhandavis
Thank you very much Siobhan Davis, for providing me with the copies of your books to share!
and now..

Both are bloggers, so I included their links on their names, if you'd like to go visit them, CONGRATS again, hope you enjoy True Calling as much as I did! If you read and review them, be sure to let me know so I can come visit and see what you thought.

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