Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review: Gene. Sys. by Aaron Denius Garcia

**I received this from the author in exchange for my honest review**
4/5 Stars

 Synopsis per Goodreads:
The world is supposed to end in about a year. For Atom, that means his quest is about to begin.

Genetically engineered by the scientists that will be setting off a nuclear apocalypse, Atom and eleven other Genetic Systems were created to restart humanity. When an outside attack expedites the plans for the extermination, Atom must find the courage and strength to lead himself and the other Genesys to survival
My thoughts on this book:
This book is a YA/Dystopian book about a group of genetically engineered kids that are a group of scientists last resort for humanity.  The were genetically engineered to be perfect in just about every way, but in order for them to live and thrive and start over, everyone else in the world has to die, and some people aren't ready to have that happen.
This book was on my TBR pile down the line a bit, but the last book I read was so thought provoking and heavy to read, and my next one is a historical book that started off very heavy and stuff, I wanted something I could sink into and grip me from the start.  The synopsis of Gene. Sys. captured me and I had to read it.
From the start I was completely enthralled.  The author created a world and scenario and characters that were real and believable.  I love that the book gave a brief synopsis of the world from the 1900s on, and gave brief mentions of 4 world wars and what happened, so that the reader wasn't boggled down by it.  I felt both horror and sympathy at the characters for this book, feelings for the "outsiders" that were basically fighting for their survival, versus Atom and Ev and the genesys created group, that are going to be the next evolution for human kind to thrive.  Realization that if humans of today continue on this path, the future of this book could very well come into pass.
There was a lot of action, a bit of crushes, some spy and friendships, and a bit of a love triangle between Atom and Ev, who he seemed to be engineered for her, or Atom and Fe, who he dreams about.  I read this in one sitting.  And I really enjoyed this book, and it was upsetting when my nook reached the last page and I couldn't turn it anymore.  I want a book 2.  I want to keep going.

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  1. This one sounds like something my dystopian reader kid might appreciate.