Saturday, October 25, 2014

Review: Guardian of the Underworld by Rachel Tetley

**I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review**
5/5 Stars
Two worlds
Neither can exist without the other
And one guardian to ensure their survival
But a family with a score to settle
Forces one boy, into a dangerous adventure

Jake Summers is an ordinary boy with an ordinary family- so he thinks. He has just spent another summer holidays building dens in the woods with his best friend Paul. But when someone special unexpectedly dies, Jake is determined to find out the truth, unaware that it will change his life forever.

He discovers a key to Grandpa’s forbidden room, and is plunged into a long-forgotten magical world, together with class mate Arianna Brown and a strange creature called Noggin. Stormy seas, underground carts pulled by Golden Eagles and a dragon all stand in his way. He must race against time to fulfil an ancient magical prophecy and save the world.

My thoughts about this book:
This is a childrens/middle grade fantasy book, while reading it I had a lot of other books in my head.  The Hobbit, Bridge to Terabithia, Spiderwick,Narnia, Harry Potter, Labyrinth, and similar adventures like that.  It followed the theme of children ages 10-12 heading off into a huge adventure.  This one had the a boy who just lost his grandfather, find out that the stories he told were autobiographical rather than fantasy, that he's a guardian of the underworld.  Along with Arianna, who's sister was kidnapped by the "bad guy" in the book, he has to complete 5 challenges to get to the high counsel and get her sister back. 
I did start this book off with my son, he was super intrigued by the illustrations he saw.  That quickly ended when he started asking me if he could stay up late cause the kids in the book were out till 4am in the morning, and then his mom ended up letting him stay home from school, and wanted to know why the kid in the book aren't at school a lot.  My son is 9, just a few years younger than the main character.  I think that the characters in the book were WAY wiser than their years.  Sneaking out and steering boats and knowing exactly what to do and what to say while doing it.  I think the book was a little bit too old for my son, there was a lot we had to spend time looking up, like the birds that were in there and that sort of thing.  For me however, I loved it.  From the first word, I was sucked in, how many books start off with intrigue like "As he ran, his muscles screamed at him to surrender." 
The imagination that the author has to create this world, is pretty incredible, and the detail and thought that went into it.  It was amazing, I loved this book.  I wish it was longer, and fuller, but it was a great start to a series, I wish book 2 were available, i'd be all over that.

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