Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: The Atomic Blood-Stained Bus by Michael J Ritchie

**I received this book from the publisher based in London UK, in exchange for my honest review**
4/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Gwen McKenna, a bored journalist, has lost faith in her work and instead spends her time pondering the locations of missing people and attempting to make magic work. When David Lowry goes missing, she seeks out his trail, only to find herself tugged under the surface of the normal world and into a layer inhabited by banished gods, secretive witches and psychotic bus drivers.

This time, she might be in too deep

My thoughts about this book:
This book was based in London I believe, where they have buses, that I can only imagine in my fantasies.  With a bus by the name of The Atomic Blood-Stained Bus, my imagination pictured something out of the 1970's US psychedelic colors with the double buses (which I need to point out I have never personally seen in my entire life)
What my head came up with was something similar to this:
Only the book had it a bit more of a murder mobile, so there's no accounting my imaginations taste.  Maybe instead of butterflies and flowers there are pictures of body parts and murder weapons?? :)
Anyways, so on to the book.  This book the story line captivated me immediately, it was something I had never read before, that I couldn't even really properly put it in a genre.  It had a bit of everything, murder, mystery, humor (I love Algie), Gods and witches and magic and mortals.  The entire book was unique, and the writer wrote it in a way that made you keep on reading it.  The characters were loveable and relatable, from Gwen with the boring life, to Garfield, the immortal mortal that knew magic and killed to avenge his wifes death and then to find her soul. 
This book was very well written, and articulate and the flow was perfect.  I enjoyed reading this book and am thankful for the publisher for sharing it with me. It was easy to read, and again, the plot was very very unique!  great job writer!

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