Saturday, October 4, 2014

Review: Sarah's Song by Karen Kingsbury

**I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review**

3/5 Stars

Synopsis Per Goodreads:
The ritual is the same every December: Twelve handmade paper ornaments and a small plastic Christmas tree. Twelve days for Sarah to remember her long-ago love from the place where she now lives, her small boxy room at Greer Retirement Village. Twelve chances for Sarah to sing her song once more . . .

Every year Sarah Lindeman celebrates Christmas in a special way. It is her time to remember where she came from and what she is today, and how that long ago song gave her another chance at love. 

But this year the ritual is different. This year a desperate young woman is listening, a nurse who lingers by the door as Sarah places the first yellowed ornament on her tiny tree. Sarah feels the hurt in this woman's soul and reaches out to her. Her hope is that she can do something to help both of them. 

And so she sings. Each day she hangs a paper ornament on her tree and relives a chapter of her story, drawing her new friend into the hallways of yesterday and a love that rose and fell, only to bloom again stronger than ever. Sarah knows the heartache that results from making bad choices. And she knows, too, how God can redeem any situation, her own life is proof of that. 

As Sarah sings, she prays her new friend will understand the true gift of love, and that to give it up without a fight means to give up on life itself.

But will Sarah be able to convince this troubled young woman before time runs out? Twelve days. Two lives. And one song, "Sarah's Song", that just might bring about a miracle for everyone watching.

My thoughts on this book:

This was a short novella by one of my favorite authors Karen Kingsbury, when I saw it on netgalley i automatically requested it, I didn't realize it came out 10 years ago, and now that im thinking on it, I'm not really sure why its on netgalley, maybe a 10 year rerelease?  Either way, it was book 3 of the Red Glove series, I haven't read any of them except this one yet.  I'm not sure if this is a standalone novel or not, pretty sure it might be.

This one is a mixture of The Love Dare and The Notebook I think.  The entire time I was reading it I kept going back and forth between the two books.  It was a cute little read, I wish it was longer and more in depth, cause I wasn't really 100% feeling Beth's change of emotions, but then again most of the time with books like this short and sweet, things have to be quick, and stuff, plus the message of God in the story and stuff probably helped the emotions get moved along.

I think theres a message for me though, sometimes, cause lately out of the blue im finding things like this, a book that was released 10 years ago in a new release ARC type website, that I actually get approved for, surrounding by other things that i've been noticing, in a time of stress in my life when I need some good feelings around me.  So I'm glad I read this book.

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  1. Like the positivity it gave you. (That's always a good thing!)