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Chasing Midnight by Shyloh & Alex Morgan

**I received this book from a friend on FB OBO Shyloh and Alex Morgan in exchange for my honest review**
4/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Quinn Mason is a young Southern gentleman. Perhaps, gentleman is a stretch for how he lived his earlier years. He was the kid whose life seemed charmed, a popular athlete in high school who won a full scholarship. Life was on track for him until the death of his parents. In one terrible moment, Quinn went from having everything being everything for his young siblings. He left college, and used the money from his parent’s life insurance policy to buy a bar. The bar supported him and the kids, affording him the ability to give for them the life they were robbed of, even sending them to college.

Mhisery Bellemy has returned to Midnight, reluctantly. Her mother died, and she is left to take care of her drunken father, and the family cafe´. She had escaped the small town’s clutches as soon as she was of age, and swore never to return. Now, her siblings have turned to her, leaning heavily on her for help. The woman who got out of town and made a life she loves is now forced, by the bonds of family, and the weight of obligation, to return and give up what she had worked to build for herself.

These two are unlikely to cross paths, but chance throws them into the right place at the right time. Quinn’s brother is the catalyst that brings Mhisery into Quinn’s line of sight. And that’s all it took, one look and he knows he has to have her. The golden boy athlete is now drawn to the tall, tattooed woman stepping off the last bus into town.

Will Quinn ever have the woman he desires, and make her his own, or will she return to the life she loves far away from the small town of Midnight, and Quinn, or will she stay and make a life with the man she loves?

Chasing Midnight tells a story of love, friendship, and sacrifice. This talented duo, Shyloh & Alex Morgan, will rip your heart out and have you falling in love with the inhabitants of this quaint, quirky, town. Welcome to southern seduction, and the town of Midnight, where the Darkest Desires of Dixie become a reality.

It took me a while to read this book, I kept getting interrupted, plus it was longer.. per goodreads it was 350 pages, but my nook had something like 490 or something like that.  It isn't one of those short sweet NA books that are so popular, it's a lot longer of a read, better though.
The story was pretty good, the main character Mhisery has to go back to her hometown to help her siblings out with their alcoholic father.  I woulda just thrown him in rehab and be done with it.  I never quite understood why she had to up and move back to care, why he had to have 24/7 care between all of them.  He was a grown man who made his own choice to drown his grief with a bottle after loosing his wife.  The book had the older brother being able to stay in Savannah because of his job, and the fact that he had to pay for the care and medical bills of their deceased mother, where it seems to me like Mhisery had a better job that paid well, was still working, couldn't she have just sent money?  That part wasn't fully explained unless it was and I just didn't get it.  Plus I'm pretty sure there had to be a legit reason for her to come back for months and months and months to meet Quinn, the boy she had a crush on when she left town. LOL
There was a few parts that made me just get mad and be like WHY?  why did Quinn get made out to be the bad guy with the argument with his siblings. Why did Mhisery just blow off the texts and calls like it was nothing, and how did the person behind the text not confront her in the hometown but all the sudden be in NY, and how did no one know he was in town, small towns where everyone knows everyone and strangers stick out like sore thumbs.
But for every GRRRR there was AWW and mush and love and romance and stuff.  It engaged your emotions, from mad to happy to sad.   It was pretty good, good story, good plot, good characters, good town, good book.

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