Monday, March 27, 2017

Shady Place by David A. Byrne

**I received this book from the author, David A. Byrne, in exchange for my honest review**

5/5 Stars

Synopsis per Goodreads:
Shady Place is a fifty-five and up planned community in Florida. It’s full of vibrant seniors enjoying the the sunset years of their lives. Shady Place the novel is about those people.

Shady Place follows the antics and exploits of Jim Phillips, a retired police detective from Philadelphia, as he tries desperately to avoid contact with the outside world, but quickly finds himself sucked into the goings on around him.

Upon his arrival Jim is shocked to discover his new neighbor is his old nemesis, former mob boss Mike Johnson. Sensing a second chance to get his old enemy, Jim decides to concoct a way to finally finish what he started and put Mike behind bars. Jim’s actions set off a rivalry between the two that sees them competing at every turn, including for the affections of the beautiful widow Beverly Stanton.
The unlikely duo is forced to work together when it appears murder is afoot, but only they can see what is happening.  

Shady Place is the first book by up and coming author David "A" Byrne. (can't forget the A), I thought was brilliant for being a first novel. The world building was top notch. I pictured it occurring in Flagler Beach, or maybe Ponce Inlet somewhere, Ormond By The Sea. This cute retirement community that I can picture completely in my head. The characters I did imagine older than they were, only because my father is the same age as the main character and he's not retiring any time soon, but in my head I had this grumpy old men feel, with a huge infusion of jersey mafia/detective going on, right down to the accent. I hate to use the word "cute" but I just wanted to reach through the book and hug them all, I fell in love with Jim cause he's this cranky old guy that you can't help but love, and all the friends that he finds himself making a long the way.

I don't think Shady Place was meant to be this dark and serious detective book, so don't expect a lot of twist and turns and alley ways, to me it was fairly predictable, but the ride to the end was what I adored about the book, I found a lot of it hilarious. The book is straight forward, humorous and keeps you wanting to read more of it. Great Job!

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