Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout of Books- Day 1

Bout of Books

Here is My Monday updates

Audio listening Time:103:89
Nook/Book reading pages today: 688
Number of books I've completed today: 2
Books I've read today: 3 plus 1 audiobook
Challenges done today: Book Scavenger Hunt and The Playlist
Book's I'm currently reading/listening to:

Todays Completed Books:


  1. I've only been able to read one book a day. When I see people who have read more it motivates me to do the same :D
    Is The 100 any good? I wonder if the book was made first or the tv show...
    Have fun reading!

    1. I liked it, it was a little hard at first to get into, it changes POV's so much, some people can't get into it because of that, but i liked it