Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 7- updates

Bout of Books

Bout of Books- Day 7 updates

Today was a decent reading day, I read two books that were somewhat long, plus went swimming, a few hours.  Today is the last day of the Bout of Books read-a-thon, my first one.  It was a smashing success for it being my first one, I was burned out on books the entire week too.  So if I do this again, I'm defin going to raise my goals higher, and plan ahead of time not to be in any other challenges prior to the RaT.  The day isn't over yet, but tonight is The Last Ship, and The Strain, so I don't think I will finish much more.  I think completion of 13 books, over 4.4k words is pretty dang awesome.  Plus I won a prize for a challenge.  So overall, I enjoyed myself and I hope to do it again.

Audio listening Time today:0
Total Audio listening time: 439.29
Nook/Book reading pages today: 1066
Total Book reading pages: 4489
Number of books I've completed today: 3
Total books completed: 13
Books I've read today: 5 plus 1 audiobook
Challenges done today: 5 Books
Book's I'm currently reading/listening to:

Books I've completed today:

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