Sunday, September 7, 2014

Oceans Apart 2 by Amanda Heartley

**The author was kind enough to provide me with book 2 to read and review**
4/5 Stars
Synopsis per Goodreads:
Virtual sex gets a dose of reality when Tristan Armstrong is back in town and she's the only thing on his mind.

He returns to L.A., mixing high-powered business with a lot of pleasure, courtesy of the deliciously curvy, Ginny Peterson.

What she overhears during what was supposed to be a quiet, passionate morning with her British lover breaks her heart. Has Tristan been double dipping? Is Ginny really just a West Coast fling?

Doubt creeps in for Ginny, as the patriarch of the Armstrong Empire will do anything and everything he can to keep them apart. As if the Atlantic Ocean isn’t big enough.

Tristan’s frustration grows as he tries to protect her from the one person he’s supposed to love and trust, his father. Mom's fighting her own demons as well and when she divulges the truth, it could change Tristan's life forever.

...but is their romance doomed before it starts?

 This is book 2 of the Oceans Apart series by Amanda Heartley, here is my review for book 1.  This book takes off pretty much where book 1 left off, and answered my big number 1 question pretty much right away.  A simple answer too, LOL.
The thing that I like most about this book?  Tristan and his bloody wanker and knickers and London-speak.  I like that he speaks his way, she speaks her way and its a nice separate blend.  I like that the characters joke about it. 
Ginny..I didn't like her in this book.  She aggravated the toots out of me, mostly because it was the whole run and don't talk thing... overhear something and run, don't have an answer right away? run.  I just wanted to reach through the book and shake her and be like, man up you bloody wanker!
I think what impresses me about this author, is that when she switches viewpoints (which normally drives me batty, alternating POVs I mean) she does it in this awesome way, when it jumps from Gin to Tristan or vice versa, most of the time, she rewinds instead of picking up right where the other character left off, she goes back in time a little bit, like if Ginny and Tristan were on a date, and Ginny just did something, then it switches to Tristan it went back in time to planning the date, and everything he was thinking, right up until the moment that Ginny did something, then continues on, and it is done in a smooth tasteful way, that didn't leave me feeling like I just read something twice.
The ending wasn't as cliffhangerish, it kinda confused me because on one hand I was like, "of course she is" but on the other hand I was like "but why, no one else has mentioned doing the same thing?"
I tried to word that without revealing spoilers LOL.
Don't forget that Book 1 is a freebie..go to my link above on my review post and grab it!

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