Monday, September 8, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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I definitely slowed down this week, I don't think I finished very many books at all, I spent more time blogging and browsing blogs and exercising than I did reading.  BUT I did have a busy week. It ended awful, there is family drama, and my grandmother died, her funeral was today.   On book news, I had a guest post, and a author requested review.  Coming soon is a author interview, and a giveaway.

Something special I did:
A post for my grandmother

A guest posted also:
Paula Bell: Guest poster

I am on #bookblogwalkers too! completed my first week and did AWESOME!

I have a Author Interview/Giveaway from True Calling by Siobhan Davis
Interview with Siobhan Davis "True Calling" and giveaway

Here are the reviews I have written this past week:
Gone by Michael Grant
Dare to Submit by Carly Phillips
Prince Harry by Penny Junor
Oceans Apart 1 by Amanda Heartley
Oceans Apart 2 by Amanda Heartley

Since last Monday, I have read:

Here is what I am working on now:

for my ears:

slowly but surely im finishing this, I have about 2 hours left I think

for my eyes:

A review for an author, a netgalley book, and a for pleasure

For this coming week:
I am part of a TBR Read-a-thon, that started today, so I am hoping my reading will pick up, I need to get a few books for NetGalley read and reviewed, I have no set list right now

This comes out Tuesday, which I will be stopping everything and reading.  Beyond that, I have no idea.

OH and also 

last book of the hollows series by Kim Harrison, most def have to read it ASAP.

Your turn! Link me up with your  It's Monday.. What are you Reading? so I can come by and check it out

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  1. I am a fan of the royals, so Prince Harry caught my eye...I also love the J.D. Robb series, but have some catching up to do. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

    Blogging and walking is something I want to start--maybe tomorrow!

  3. I'm going to be reading Festive in Death as soon as it gets to my house too. I'm still one book behind on Kim Harrison's series. I usually wait for the paperback instead of buying the hardcover. Happy reading!

  4. Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    Hope we both have better times this week. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. I've been looking at that Prince Harry book. I need it. I don't know why, but I just love him. I spam his picture a lot on Twitter because he's just so gorgeous.

    You always have some unique titles. I keep seeing the same books over and over again, so it's nice to see the variety on your blog.

  6. I can't decide if I want to finish the Dust Lands series. But I do love the Michael Grant Gone series. Looks like a good week. Thanks for stopping by my post earlier!

  7. I am sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Looking forward to the new "In Death" book. Have a good week.

  8. I'm sorry to read about your grandmother.

    I listened to "Naked in Death" and absolutely loved it! I was surprised! I definitely need to keep going with that series. I hope this week is better for you!

  9. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    I hope your readathon goes well this week!

  10. Ooo sounds like it would be interesting to read a novel about Prince Harry! I have to admit that I enjoy hearing things about the royal family! Thanks for sharing your book week and hope you get a lot of reading done! :)

  11. Condolences on your loss.

    I can't wait to read Blood of My Blood, Festive in Death, and The Witch With No Name! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!