Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bout of Books 12 - Sign Up Post

Bout of Books

 I'm joining!:)  This will be my second one, I joined the last one a few months ago and had a great time, so I knew I wanted to do this again.  This is my wrap up of last time, as you can see I had tons of fun:)
  Bout of Books 11 Wrap Up Post


I can't set a goal, it's impossible.  If anything it will deter me even more at reading those books, I'll read anything and everything BUT those books.  Last BoB I completed 14 books, I think this time I will try and read 14 books, plus 3 audiobooks.  Raise my goal up some.
  • Daily, except for updates & challenges
  • Complete at least 15 books
  • Complete at least 3 audiobooks
  • Complete all challenges or at least most of them

I can't wait to get started:) 

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