Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Monday, What are you reading? #13

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My thoughts for this week:

So..HAPPY NEW YEAR! first and foremost.  I hope everyone had some fun times, but stayed safe.  For me all I did was be a lazy bum, cooked some dip in the crockpot and watched tv till it was bedtime.  Safe and sound.

I haven't been messing with my blog, in a very long time, I don't think anyone has really noticed, everyone is busy with their own lives:)  It was such a hectic time of year for me, craziness everywhere.  I am hoping that now that it's over with, I can get back to it, better than ever. 
I'm starting my 2nd Bout of Books challenge today! Super excited about it, hopefully I can do really awesome on it, and surpass my every expectation, HERE is the link to my sign up post
Reviews I posted this week:


What I have read the past week:

12882349 7896527 17167166 18243700


What I am working on this week:

and a few others I haven't decided yet.  Gotta get deciding for the Bout of Books!

So, your turn! what are you reading? Link me up so I can go visit

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  1. I noticed! I always notice. I hope you are having a good start of Bout of Books!! MUAH!

  2. Dani Pettrey's series is so good. I look forward to the next book.